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Why might the Drupal community seem to be growing more slowly in Africa?

Why might the Drupal community seem to be growing more slowly in Africa?

🌍 A call to action for Drupal community development in Africa 🚀

Dear colleagues and Drupal enthusiasts,

Today I want to address a topic that is close to my heart: the development of the Drupal community in Africa. As a committed member of this global community, I strongly believe that inclusion and diversity are the keys to our success. Unfortunately, we see a disparity in the growth of the Drupal community on the African continent compared to other regions of the world. Together, we can change this and foster dynamic growth in Africa.

So why might the Drupal community seem to be growing more slowly in Africa? Several factors come into play:

1️⃣ Technology adoption: We must acknowledge that adoption of Drupal and web technologies in general may be lower in Africa. However, this should not be an insurmountable barrier. Let's encourage awareness and training to show African developers the exciting opportunities that Drupal offers.

2️⃣ Internet access and infrastructure: Limited Internet access and poor infrastructure can slow our progress. We need to support initiatives that improve Internet accessibility in Africa and strengthen the technology infrastructure to create an environment that is conducive to the evolution of the Drupal community.

3️⃣ Awareness and training: Education and training are essential to developing a vibrant community. Let's encourage the creation of online training resources tailored to African realities, organize workshops and local events to share our knowledge and inspire the next generation of Drupal developers in Africa.

Together we can make a difference. Here are some concrete actions we can take:

✅ Organize community events: Let's facilitate local Drupal events in Africa, allowing developers and enthusiasts to meet, exchange ideas, and connect.

✅ Support training: Let's collaborate with organizations and educational institutions in Africa to set up Drupal training programs and promote learning in local communities.

✅ Share our knowledge: Let's use social media and online platforms to share tutorials, case studies and tips on Drupal. Let's encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration across borders.

✅ Fostering Inclusion: let's work together to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all African developers interested in Drupal. Let's encourage diversity and equal opportunity to make the Drupal community in Africa a dynamic and innovative force.

In conclusion, the evolution of the Drupal community in Africa may seem slower, but we have the power to change that. Let's commit to supporting the development of Drupal

Message from Kana Patrick, (President Drupal Cameroon)


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